Love Letters

Snow is falling and the night shadows are upon us. While enjoying a wonderful Valentine Day’s dinner my handsome prince had made for me, my mind was keeping a steady race with my pulse.

I thought about the lack of LOVE in our world, how hurt and lonely a lot of people are. My prince says he drowns in my love, so I thought WHAT if I spread that love around? And then it hit me……… like a bomb had burst within my soul.

Starting today the day known for “LOVE “I’m going to send out a letter of love to strangers, yes complete strangers. I will start by opening my white pages in my home town St Louis and randomly pick out a name. My mind will be full of visions, could this be a lost love for someone, a lost partner, a parent missing a child, a lonely soul who has a broken heart, endured a divorce; maybe someone who wants for nothing, yet knows nothing of love. I know that our world is full of hurting people.

So, I will spend the next 365 days until Feb 14th 2011 gathering my love addresses, writing to someone somewhere in hopes that my heart will fill theirs with gladness.

If you would like to ride on my love adventure, please open you phone book, close your eyes and say God who needs your love today and send me their address.

Affectionately yours,

                 Copyright  2010Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart


3 Responses to “Love Letters”

  1. Mama,

    You are so smart and talented!! I am so proud of you and am very blessed and proud to call you my Mama!!! I love and miss you!


  2. You are my breath of fresh air. The best thing I have ever done was have beautiful loving children. Beauty starts on the inside and you are the most beautiful inside and out.

    I love you my precious…..

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