A Love that’s Always Certain


If you think about one love that’s always certain, what word comes to mind? For me, it’s CHILDREN. All of us have been a child, some not wanting to admit it. If you are breathing you have not escaped that wonderful or not so wonderful experience called childhood.

Childhood is filled with many memories, happiness, sadness, joy, laughter, and abandonment.  A Childs LOVE is always certain. We adults would benefit from watching children, for their LOVE is unconditional. Children come from many different types of environments, but one thing that’s certain is the LOVE they have for their parents, is an unconditional, undying LOVE, endless LOVE

Some Children have been neglected, left on the steps of orphanages, endured abuse and witness words that hit harder than a fist.  Their little eyes filled with tears, a heart ripped into what seemed like a million pieces, bruises hidden beneath their clothes, lost souls searching for why, but they never lose that love for the one who has hurt them the most.  You witness in their tiny faces, the minute you reach out in love; they beam brighter than the brightest star. They trust, have a pure spirit, an innocence and love’s unconditionally.

 Today I think I will look at life through the eyes of a child, immerse myself in their kind of LOVE, and take time to delight in the little things. I need to slow down and look at the beauty that surrounds me and remember to unconditionally love those that live in my heart.

Kick off your shoes walk barefoot in the grass looking for lady bugs, write with sidewalk chalk, send letters to the fairies, keep your treasures in a secret box, kiss a puppy and swing in the city park dragging your bare toes in the cool white sand.

Never lose your childhood innocence and LOVE with the kind of LOVE that lives within a Childs Heart and watch the miracles right before your eyes. 

You can never LOVE too much.  For the person who has everything, but is empty in love, really has nothing at all.  

Affectionately yours,                                                            

                           Copyright 2010 Dani Thornton-stock ~ Cashmereheart

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