Cashmereheart, who is she?


My name is Dani, Aka Cashmereheart. I was born and raised in Southern

California I’m called a girly girl and can be extremely emotionally

 expressive. I have a love for flowers ~ God’s

pallet of colors. I relocated to the midwest, experiencing another

variety of life. Being a Cali girl things are extremely different, what

no beach? I have 3 beautiful children, yet I feel eternally 16.

When I write, I like to paint a picture of  what I am feeling; I

call it, more than words. Sometimes I feel better when I am sad,

sadness strikes the fire which fuels my writings. The man in my

life should steel my heart with his language; send my pulse racing

with each movement of his lips. I write from the deepest corners

of my heart. I write about hurt and a fairy tale love, romance and

conflict, fantasy and the truth, drama and tension, Wow ~ a fiery


My heart knows these sensations are real and alive, for the

feelings are too intense in my soul; it devours all of me. Call me

Oh Passionate one, yes I am. My mind is strong, yet I have an

extremely delicate side. Are there others like me out there, strong on the outside, yet

their fragile heart is crying out for a passionate love…? One who

will enthrall their spirit with intense passion, kisses that cover

your naked lips, into endless nights of pleasure, a touch that commences

from velvet hand ~ I’d be consumed by this inferno….

It’s like finding a lost treasure, a man who posses the key to

your heart, wiping away all sadness, leavening you breathless.

I spend countless hours of writing, until the sunrises out of the

menacing shadows of night, sending my deepest most intimate

thoughts to the ones I hold dear to my heart.

Through the pain of heartbreak, divorce, a missing child, a

wounded spirit and a fragile little girl, who dwells deep within my

soul, my journey has been gratifying.

When I was worn down below my depths of despair, it was

then I could listen to God’s gentle whispers to my heart. Still

being capable of love, my heart knows pain, but also knows truth.

Truth to a wounded child is hope ~ whether vast or

insignificant; it is beauty to a shattered lonely heart.

Out of pain, sorrow, compassion and love, I have been able to

pilfer through my hearts window and write about the romantic

fairy tale and the painful heart that has captivated my being, in the

midst of my trials.

I thank those close to me from the bottom of my heart; for you

are my hearts treasures. And thank you, to the keeper of the stars who has carried me

in his loving arms each step of my journey, for holding my hand,

wiping my tears and sending angels when I needed them most….

Affectionately Yours, XoXo


©Dani Thornton-Stock

2 Responses to “Cashmereheart, who is she?”

  1. Dani,

    I love your stroy. Your writing is truly food for the soul. Keep writing dear and let your words build upon the passions felt in your heart.

  2. Thank you, my passion and love seem to never end. At times it comsumes all of me.

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