Tokens of Affection

What a day!

 My mind revolves around the sound of love, and I can’t make it stop. If I didn’t know better I would say the love runs through my veins, not blood. We live in such a throw away society, if it doesn’t work, throw it out, if you are unhappy “look the grass has to be greener “. For me it has been like this since I was a tiny girl. No one stayed and worked it out, they just walked away. I get hurt very easy and then I wear my pain as my over coat and I wrap myself so tight you don’t even notice it is me.

I watched a movie the other night about marriage, and thought wow; he is really going to try something everyday for 40 days to let his wife know how much he loves her and wants their marriage to work. Up until now, he was the jerk, a selfish husband, had an addiction, angry, boy was he angry, his list was endless and for the sake of being a lady he was a donkey’s behind! The movie made me laugh, but also made me cry. Why do we try so hard when one partner wants out? We allow our life to become stagnate and we lose sight of everything we fell in love with. And closeness becomes sitting at opposite ends of the table. This is so sad to me, it just breaks my heart.

I was at a home show recently with my husband, we were walking holding hands and an older gentleman flew out of his chair and stopped us. He proceeds to tell us, we had made his day, to witness two people holding hands, and you should have seen his grin. Now my husband and I hold hands everywhere we go. I have become accustom to it and I love it, it makes me feel safe and secure. A few weeks ago, while out to dinner, I had got up from the table and kissed my husband gently as I walked pass him, something I do all the time, and the couple at the next table said “ did the pie do that “ I’ll have what their having.

It‘s amazing, how little tokens of affection, seem to affect everyone around you. They are special moments; the cost is free, but has an everlasting effect. So don’t waste too much time, do something special for the one you love. Remember what you fell in love with and rekindle those feelings, they are only a memory away. I’d love to hear your stories. We hear of too much sadness in this world, it’s time to turn it around.

 Affectionately yours, Kisses & Bliss

2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~  Cashmereheart

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