Emotional Surrender


As lilies delicately scent first dew drops, an aroma so alluring

~ my eyes lie silent ~ descending my thoughts into visions of

magnificence splendor.

I call to mind my blessings and come to rest unanswered

prayer at the threshold of your soul….

Difficulty in waiting, I observe in your mind’s eye, what is

utmost favor of this child. I come into view, towards the east ~

sense a forthcoming of your love on emeralds waves, reflecting

secluded movement, amongst established trees ~ dancing in the

inclusiveness of heavens son.

I lay withered, motionless, uninviting sediment which taints

flowering, within an internal vine, which interlaced in and out of

my hearts dysfunction. Whispering winds, representing works of

art, painted within the confines of distorted lines, are all this child

can acquire hold of’…

Fondness reveals unwavering hands, stair steps parallel, a

tower of strength, destination unrestricted love….

Out of blue ambiance, esteemed harmonious divine angels,

take hold of my fragile soul; hemmed in within wings of gold ~

flecked in affection of unfamiliar kind.

Shaded lenses worn to shreds turn out to be translucent

closing moments, when I am able fathom beyond myself,

securing my forethought within the heart of this child,

sanctioning my heavenly father to consume my depleted soul.

         ©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashnereheart

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