Winds of change, reflects calmness ~ hiding within somnolent

soul, as I gaze within mahogany eyes. Unspoken thoughts

permeate hushed impressions, which intoxicate thy mood.

Love surrounds me; thus far I am blind to witness.

Alluring soft-spoken expression breach my heart, for this

acquaintance of passion, surly lies dormant beneath naïve heart ~

complimenting a girl in her prime.

As language, simultaneously accumulates lonely hearts.

Inscriptions on scented paper bind us in childhood intensity….

Kisses evoke, stair steps foremost unripe minds, wherein too

bashful, beguiled obsessive thoughts. Where did you derive

from….Where have you been situated?

Time lies hushed, as the sun escalates, casting obscurity within

my heart, encircled in frost.

Warmness of your lips ascends my thoughts, to a place they

shouldn’t be. Longed for it lingers, enduring a minute, hour, a day.

Love becomes ageless…

Cling towards solitary passionate countenance,


unfolding truth…

 ©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~  Cashmereheart

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