Love is in the air……

It has been such a beautiful week. Love is all around me. Early morning before the sun awakens, I am serenaded by birds high in the oak trees. In my yard I discovered 4 baby bunnies no bigger than an easter egg, their mommy has nested them together in her den out of harms reach. My 2 girls, Cali and Malibu ( my German Shepherds ) keeping watch over their new furry friends.

The first flowers of Spring are smiling, reaching for the warmth of the sun and the squirrels are bringing their little ones down the giant oak for the first time, looking for the last few  acorns hidden beneath the soil. Have you ever watched squirrels, how they chase one another? Too cute!

Yes, love is all around us, we just need to sit quickly and watch for it. So Amazing, its free for all and it can soothe a wounded soul and make a sad heart smile for a brief second.

Nothing is so beautiful as spring……

  XoXo   Dani ~  Cashmereheart    

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