Betrayal trust shifts, flanked by sense and sensibility. What has

become of genuine, unwritten expressions within a lover’s


How can one be fluent in promises, than make them disappear

before giving them…? 

Do you love, out of a desire to manipulate? I position my heart

before you, stripped of all that I possess, a naked vessel, only to

shiver in the confines of your anger ~ while my thoughts linger on

behalf of lonely tears, from a secluded presence. 

I co-exist within limitations of your soul, reflecting

loneliness to an already fragile heart. I sense you…but I do not

witness, I touch you…. But I cannot feel, I undergo your

irritability, arrogance, and plummet at the conclusion of such


My soul conceals within murkiness, of an abandon end of the

day. I have now, wrapped in cotton wool my mind, with

sensitivity reflecting a child, who dwells long-lasting within my


You shall by no means, have visual rendering, of my shed

tears, as I stand beneath your feet, as you sit upon your throne, lined with

 anger, heartlessness, coldness, vile words of expression…illustrating harm.

By no means will you damage this child to any further extent.

Your undertaking is ineffective, for she no longer reside of this


©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~  Cashmereheart

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