I need to create a path and let my healing commence, so let the

journey begin. My mind takes route on a magic carpet ride,

destination yet to be determined. Starting out, I seem to be taking one step

forward ~ two steps back.

Not sure of what I will endure, I am unquestioning a stranger,

that will act as my compass ~ guide me through my thoughts, that

reside in the deepest private sectors of my heart.

The road to healing can carry me, beyond the limits ~ of my

imagination. If I ascend on mended wing, will I become whole in

the process? The vine of destruction holds on to pain, like a sea

sponge absorbs water.

To cultivate into the blossom God has intended me to be, I

must lie down the past and set a flame to my emotions ~ that have

chard my heart so profoundly…

I need to gaze beyond the horizon, at the beauty that lies in

front of me. Like a new-born fawn that has nested herself upon unsullied

meadows ~ painted in emerald green, beneath a vision of


I need to breathe in hope for a unique tomorrow, so that I may

no longer look at the canvas, I have so painfully painted in my


That I may take part, bathe in its interior ~ let the palate of

colors paint the path to righteousness. One glistening moment at

a time, shedding layers of dysfunction, that has tainted the colors

that paint my imagination, which should be hues that lavish my


So my journey set in motion. I stand here, a naked vessel

waiting only to replenish my soul ~ with astound beauty, for a

new tomorrow…

©2010 Cashmereheart Dani Thornton-Stock

2 Responses to “Profoundly”

  1. Christine Says:

    So profound and intense…beautiful!


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