Forever I will search, until it is found. A passionate lover,

erotic mystery, one that will enthrall my spirit with intense

passion ~ kisses lingering into endless nights of pleasures.

His touch will commence from velvet hands…


Finding a lost treasure, a man who posses the key to your

heart, wiping away absent all sadness.


Inscribe ~ fantasize two hearts simultaneously each moment

in time. Perhaps it is to intensely woven in my heart; it is unable

to come to pass.


I know true love in the midst of two hearts ~ as one unites in

pure passion ~ have neither beginning nor end to their ecstasy…

Stripped bodies merge on the threshold of destruction; they

continually hunger for one another…


They become drunk by means of ~ enticing alluring kisses…as he covers

her naked lips.

Immersed in flames of desires, melting on the edge of

uncertainty, for the first time everything would seem so perfect.


I lay awake amidst satin sheets ~ reminiscing words, which

might have flowed from your sweet lips ~ into the still of the

hours of darkness.


My mind is running a steady race with my pulse. As light of day cast a

shadow on my heart, it’s as if I’m intoxicated, my head is spinning.

Close to you without touch,

It’s electrifying….

©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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