Simply Intoxicating

To the love of my life, keeper of my heart,

I’m sitting here; enjoying God’s beauty, to sit and listen to the silence is a place of serenity. The azure skies, white clouds, are whispers of heavens words. The beauty of shades of emerald, jade and olive is music to my ears. My soul is at peace out here, and with you by my side, life is grand.

We take so much for granted in this life, and it’s the simple things in life, which makes it all worth wild. Slowing down has been very good for my spirit, to immerse myself in God’s beauty and love. To open my heart and truly allow myself to love and take love in, has given me a new feeling in my heart.

My love intensifies for you everyday of every hour and to spend the next 40 plus years with the precious man in my life is a dream come true. Baby, you consume my every thought. I feel your touch even though we are apart; I sense the arrival of your body, which opens the flood gates to my soul.

I caress you while you sleep and whisper a gentle tone a prayer over your body. My hands merge with your unclothed body as you slumber. I melt with you and miss you so very much. Once again my tears are like falling rain, when I think of the love I have for you. It is an outpouring of emotions, which have been locked up for so so many years.

Thank you, sweetheart for unlocking my protected heart. I would give you the world if I could.. I have waited for you, for a lifetime and truly know that I have found in you my lost treasure, at times it is very overwhelming.

Have a beautiful day and know that my love is here for you, it permeates the air in which you breathe, just as the flowers fragrances the gardens, its intoxicating my prince, simply intoxicating.

Affectionately yours,

©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart





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