Scarlet Lips

My heart wanders the streets of loneliness, my thoughts to deep to comprehend, shelved for another time. If I amble between raindrops, won’t you notice the tears that descend from my eyes are one with me? As I see your face I long to hold you, the touch of your skin is my desire.

I fear of what lustful passion will nestle deep alone in the shadows….

A misplaced feeling, a warm embrace, an affectionate kiss, is it too much to hide? Two bodies that waltz interwoven in the moonlight, sending-off a silhouette alongside a harvest moon.

Souls that merge into one, a feeling a heart never forgets ~ inspiring emotions out of lust….Hearts that fasten are hearts that experience eternal love.

I want to love you like no other, you softness sends a reminder of all that is missing.

As you lay your hand upon my breast ~I quiver, my breath grows shallow ~ my scarlet lips tremble.

Your kiss transcends my soul into a blustery storm. I’m losing sight of all that I have held on to. You have enlightened my heart. I hold on to you like the spirit that has imprisoned exquisiteness of our youth.

Forbidden to feel such ecstasy, I immerse into your soul, like the sand that slips through our fingers, to become one with the tide yet again.

© 2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart







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