All she ever wanted to do is love him and make him everything to her.  And yes, she was afraid, but  took the risk.  She now feels as if is her heart has died. He proclaims he doesn’t  need her love, she’s not sure what he needs. He just keep adding to his list,

I DON”T need your


To tell me that you love me,

Anything from you,

To do things for me,

I don’t need you to be their for support,

I don’t need you around my friends,

Don’t call me,

Don’t buy me anything,

I don’t need to explain anything to you,

I don’t need affection,


Her heart is breaking and he stands there so hard and callous. If this is love, than she  was better off without it.

We all deserve someone who wants us and wants to protect us rather than blame. Someone who wants our love instead of putting us down for it. Someone who loves enough and wants to listen with a gentle ear to our hurts or fears, because of the love they have, not because we are trying to make them someone they are not. We need someone who has a genuine concern for our well-being, someone who loves the tender side and nourishes it rather than beat it down.

She could go on, but it would serve no purpose. He spoke loud and clear about what he Doesn’t need. Always remember words hit harder than a fist, she cries from the inside out, yet nobody  sees. She wears her scares silently and weeps in the shadows of fear.

All he can do is point his finger at her, stating something is wrong with her. Yes, something is very wrong, she cares way too much for him and his behavior is killing her.

Look at the vile words he  speaks to her, he tells her she should feel loved and cared for, because he comes home every night, ” WOW” so does a roommate.

Her mind searchers for an answer of  ” why ” he can be so hateful. He has managed to push everyone out of life, his way of thinking is the one and only correct way. People who love him, should never question, never ask, never over do, never expect, never immerse or smother him with love.

The sad thing is, she will always love him, but as she replays all the don’ts he says about all she is and feels for him, it is tragic to her health and her spirit is breaking.

2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart





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