I’m not even gone yet

I’m leaving with you a token of my love, a piece of my heart, it is here with yours.The first time away from you and it’s going cause me great pain. But I know it’s just the next step in our journey together.Once this is completed then its one more step and I can finally feel as if my feet are rooted. I’m trying to keep my head up, and it will only be a few days. I am so used to being close to you, feeling you,and  loving you, I will surely go into shock and be in need of TLC. So you will have some making up to do my darling.

There are 7 wonders in this world and I’ve found number 8. I think history needs to rewrite itself.  Well maybe after all, you’ll have to remain a mystery, only I can benefit from the knowledge of such exquisiteness.

Baby doll, I love you with all of my heart, body and soul. I have dreamed dreams of you, but to have you in my arms and in my life is unbelievable. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, do you know that? You are my light in a world that is full of darkness, anger and doubt. With you I feel alive. I have been given a chance to experience love, true love for the first time in a very long time. I could rewrite the poet’s lines on love, feelings infiltrate my thoughts about you and the feelings which overcome me the most are the sensation of passion, as I lie next to your bare skin, oh my love, what you do to my senses.

I’m not even gone yet, but tears seem to appear on soften skin. You will entertain my thought, every second within a 24 clock. As the sun closes for the evening, and you lay down your body to rest, close your eyes and let my sweet kisses permeate your beautiful face.

 Baby, my heart is right there beside you,to you feel it beat as one with yours?  Lend your ear to my gentle whispers and I will take you back to your youth.

My sweetheart, I love you, I miss you. I want to feel your strong arms holding me tightly against your chest. As I close my eyes, I hear you softly calling for your baby, I’m reaching for your hand, can you feel me?

I must close in saying, I am sobbing like a child and you will be walking in any minute to see what is wrong. I’m just missing you already my love. It reminds me of a verse in a song ” if my heart had wings, I would fly to you as you dream “.

I’m not even gone yet ~ missing you already..

2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart



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