Infinite capacity for love

Can your heart be broken, when it was not whole to start?  I feel that can be a loaded question and there is no easy answer. I feel many times, that my heart has not been whole; I have witnessed a lot of emotional pain in my life and my heart has carried many scars, so very deep that I felt love could not possibly fill. 

When my heart was guarded, I fell in love, a deeper love I have ever experienced. A love so profound, that my heart would weep at any sadness between us. My heart would carrier so much grief, as if death was before me. I would render on bended knee, because my tear became so heavy. The toxins in the air, would over take me, resembling a ragging river.  I was washed away in raw emotions, trying to hold on to that life-preserver lined with hope, for a new tomorrow.

Scattered pictures left behind, lie there intertwined with pieces of my heart. When or if I leave, am I able to gather all these pieces left under shattered footings? Do I hold them so tightly in my arms, only to stumble over what I am dropping?

Or has my heart always been whole and those broken pieces are only the imagination that infiltrates our every thought? That really our heart is strong and can withstand any windstorm?

 A French author wrote ~

That the heart has an infinite capacity for love; thus is a heart can never be broken.




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