Angel Bereaved

My heart is hurting so bad, at times I can’t tell if it is the pain of it all or if it’s fighting to beat just to keep me alive.

  • How do you continue to get lost in love with someone, when they cause emotional trauma?
  • How do you take your next step knowing that you had risked it all for them?
  • How do you rid the tears which cloud your vision?
  • How do you wake up day after day, and fill the emptiness?
  • How do you forget and trust again?
  • How do you live without them?



Bereaved, through the selfishness of one more, is akin to drowning

beneath shallow waters. The hand that should attain refuge, withdraws.

Azure heavens within reach, nevertheless souls disintegrate…


Anger emits as of nickel-plated tongue, a blade which

illuminates hatred ~ cruelty. Solitary confinement becomes her

punishment, with a 24 hour clock.


Walls of discouragement are the blindness which ills her sight,

breaking her heart, saturating her soul engulfed in toxic vapors,

wretched key en route for destroying her fragile essence.

Vile words of expression pierce her body, whipping lashes,

resembling abrasions which consume her flesh. To recognize this

child, abandon, dresses within blood stained malicious words, is

to witness her spirit.


Her childlike ways, the softness in her voice, kindness in her

smile, a heart mending, waiting for the gentle arms to rock her like

a baby, her prince which will treat her with tenderness that she has

longed for all of her life.


Come for her; scrutinize her heart, for she is blanketed with

self-doubt. Bare witnesses ~ diminish her fears, extinguish the

flames in which ~ char her spirit…………


©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~  Cashmereheart 


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