Better left Untouched

My heart is crying. How do you do it, get over someone who means the whole world to you? My mind tiptoes through the goodness he can be, but weeps at the angry one, who lives inside most of the time.

Does he miss me, does he even care? Does he feel my presence even though only empty shadows remain? He could sit in the middle of the room and shower himself with love letters and cards I have written to him or does he take a flame to them? I love him and I always will, but

” my heart was better left untouched.”

We are at a cross-road. And if he can do better than this, and be loved with a more abundant love that I have given, then go find it. Consider me a memory and never forget the love you were immersed in night and day.

Every corner I turn, I will see him and feel his heart, the heart he gave me in  the beginning. I hold on to the love and feelings I first came to smile at, because that is the only way I can go on.


2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart



2 Responses to “Better left Untouched”

  1. “my heart was better left untouched…”

    wow, that explains me right now. i’m in the process of anonymously blogging my lack of a love life after going thru a break-up after 2 years then meeting someone who i sincerely see myself being serious with except that well he apparently doesn’t want things to get serious but is sending mixed messages and well, way too complicated!

    but yes, regarding him i was better left untouched.

    • Please tell me, I am so sorry. I understand the hurt and confushion. I call it the double-edged sword of love. My heart goes out to you. Yes, I feel the same “I was better left untouched.” Before him I knew how to keep those walls high and my heart guarded, this I’m having a very hard time.

      Hugs, Cashmereheart

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