Pssst, Sweet Nothing

The crack in my heart, weathers on my mind, like a tremor that

has shaken the foundation of my soul. Birds singing ~ in the

stillness of dusk, reminds me of a past, which is becoming

misplaced to me.


Memories of delicious moments are sacrificed into tears,

falling like rain, absorbed on the breast of a forgotten love…

Sorrow consumes her flesh, like a disease that resides in a

feeble body. History together means naught, in the vehemence of



Teaching lessons become more significant, than two that have

become one, on any given night.

Souls that have weathered triumph over victory, hearts which

have been shelved in the lost and found, waiting for their turn to



Now protest in the forces of destruction. Foolish pride begins

to take refuge in one’s mind. Devouring his spirit until his body is

ridiculed with guilt.


Setting a flame to all you have hoped for now becomes ashes

beneath your feet. With each step that you take in time, will 

 impressions of a lost love. Fix your eyes over my shoulder at the memories

 of times past; it will only display images of residue in which tarnishes

your stance.


Your life will by no means be one and the same. The scare

imprinted on your heart, will forever be reminiscent of a forlorn

love, destined for truth, a grief-stricken act, for a misplaced heart. 

©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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