Dear God

Dear God,

In the stillness of  night, please help me to understand, and take away this pain. Hold me tightly in your arms and whisper gently in my ear, that it will all, be alright, not to worry my child.

Wipe the tears which cloud my vision, take hold of this wounded soul and breathe life back into it. I sit here, holding my heart in my hand, it lies bleeding and has barely enough strength left, to ever feel whole again.  

Let me see past tomorrow and not look back, at the painful past that my mind had painted so profoundly.  Let me dance in the richness of your spirit, and always remember, that this wounded child is going to make it.  

Render him on bended knee and let the soul-searching begin. Refresh his heart with your love, open his ear to the truth, the truth well written by your word. Immerse him in your love and heal him of all his aliments.

Please  Dear Lord, I need your strength and faith, shelter me within your arms. For mine is wearing thin tonight.

In your  precious name, Amen


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