Feminine Elegance……

Feminine Elegance

There’s not a day, I fail to catch sight of, and I do not miss my

exquisite friend. She surpasses all beauty; she is the angel hovering

over my existence.

She’s a shoulder to lean on; an elegant silken hankie,

whereupon touches serenely tears ~ commencing afflicted


Her smile radiates, in the vein of morning sunrise beyond the

horizon. She is the gift God has sent to me.

She be acquainted with no color; she’s a princess in a toneless

world. Her heart is chaste, expressions take place within gentle

whispers, in the early hours fasten with an extraordinary soul.

She senses my web of confusion ~ spins it into the most

delicate of silk threads, even when her heart is fretful.

She’s the finest of what a woman can be. She has the grace of

a swan, child like innocence, which drifts on dreams sheathed in

peppermint magnificence. I wanted to take you back, reminiscing

how precious you are to me.

You are truly the reflection, within the mirror which revealed

two astonishing countenance, yours and mine…I love you……..

©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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  1. Reblogged this on Cashmereheart's Blog and commented:

    To my best friend! ❤️

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