She sits ~ into yielding breeze, while it caresses gently leaves of

lace. Her unfasten cloth, in which has obscured her vision.

Morning glow smothers a silhouette radiating reflection, beneath

an open ledge.

Wee heart, in rhythm simultaneously duplicating second’s

insignificant to her, for she has no knowledge of such


Her existence not numbered, for she slumbers, dreaming of

wings adorned in palette of colors, dancing in the fullness of her


She will love you, within your touch; dependence is on you, if

you entice her appetite, she will lounge within, deserted pillow

which nest by your edge. She has no knowledge of love ~ but

loves you perfectly.

You become her refuge, and she yours, for you confide in her

your dreams, and she lends her ears. With her, time remains

motionless, external imperative, belongings turn out to be minuscule.

She is warmth, and sunshine you harbor within your heart. Oh,

the countenance reflecting from her, if wrapped up and made

known, this priceless gift is only five months old.


This was written for my Persian kitty, Chloe.

©Cashmereheart ~ Dani Thornton-Stock

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