The Heart

My eyes adore him; he is the most precious person to my heart.  I see, the hand that reaches for mine, the I love you baby, that just melts my heart, his protect nature that watches over me, and most of all, the steadfast man, whom loves me and stands embedded in concrete for his vows. 

 He is my rock and through any storm, I know he will hold on tight and we will endure it together, whether the sun shines or clouds prevail, it will be alright.  He stands firm for everything, which is so unfamiliar to me. My way of thinking is tainted, from a past, I am use to witnessing.   

To retrain my thoughts, I must trust in God to allow my thoughts to heal, and to remember our Lord is the most loving, caring man of all mankind.

Some say, do not think with your heart, others say your heart will lead you. Who is true and who is mistaken? I reflect on what I’ve heard and my mind-set is “your heart will lead you “for the heart speaks truth. And then I hear how do you know this? So my mind starts to reflect on it yet again.

 When we accept, the Lord as our Lord and Savior, it can be only done with the heart, it is a truly a heart matter. So this tells me

“THE HEART” is the most worthy

I love you baby, you are my gift from above and you are so very precious to my heart.


                                   2010 Cashmereheart                                             

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