Insatiable Appetite




Insatiable Appetite 

I sit and write out of the essence of my heart. I want to love this 

time, like I have never loved before. 

The kiss that seeps from your lips ~ needs to send chills down 

my spine, electrifying my soul, transcending my thoughts into a 

vision ~ of my hearts desires. 

I need to melt, deep within your arms with each touch, while 

caressing ~ softness of my skin ~ which weighs fervent within 

your own intuitive, transcending feelings into a vision of my 

hearts yearning… 

Love needs to blossom, unfathomable within my character, 

refreshing the intensity which controls my emotions. 

I need to witness the layers of imagination ~ which unfold 

within quietness ~ of your thoughts. 

It’s then you submerge into serenity. You are the calmness in 

my life; tranquility whereabouts ~ can only illustrate the canvas of 

love, fashioned in heaven, cared for by angels…..


Dani Thornton-Stock 2010

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