My Sweetness


I know you are fast asleep in dreamland, what are you dreaming of my love?

 I have thought of you with each passing minute, within this 24 hour clock. I see you gazing into my eyes, a look I cannot forget, a look  of a deeply rooted love, which only comes from deep within one’s  soul.

 I feel your soft touch, as you trace the lines of my face. It is something which plays on my mind,  like a never-ending song.

I feel so safe when I am with you, your arms become my shelter, for this depleted  soul.Your kiss  is one I don’t want  to live without, I could kiss your lips,  until the sun rises from the east, out of the darkest of nights.

You have captured my heart like no other, all that I have dreamed about and longed for my entire life is wrapped up within you, my sweetheart. I can only imagine how much better it can be,

 I can only imagine…..

Cashmereheart 2010


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