Are there rules? it comes to writing, are there any rules? I feel the only rule is there is NO rules. While I am no scholar, I believe writing comes from the heart. Writing from the passionate side. Having your words flow so fast, that your pen cannot keep up with the thoughts that flow, through gentle finger tips.

I also do not read to the public ” book readings ”. A writer writes and a reader reads.

  My thoughts run  deep, both in love and pain, my emotions becomes my outer coverings. I do admit I am very wordy, and to paint a picture of what I am feeling is most important to me.

Rules, who made them, who decided what was right and what was wrong? You cannot censor your heart and how you describe what you are feeling. God made each of us special and unique. Writing is just putting you thoughts on paper and only you can write down what you are feeling.

Our  feelings are very different, for every one of us, depending on how and where we were raised. What life experiences we have gained from or lost at. Do you live in a fantasy world, do you  escape from real life, has your heart loved with the deepest of love, or has your heart been hurt by the doubled-edged sword of love?

Something to ponder on. I encourage everyone to write from their heart, for that is what you know best and the passion will flow, just as the blood flows through your veins.

My love to all, until we meet again.

XoXo  Cashmereheart

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