I Embrace your Expressions Intimately


When you awake upon vanishing hours of darkness, the tepid

sun will shine a reflection across your heart, which will encounter

my unvoiced thoughts. In which reveals truth of a forgotten smile

~ I wait silently for an echo, which will confirm my conviction.

As where, the perforation in my heart, is beyond the capacity

to be mended, I embrace your expressions intimately ~ in my

heart. For the heart has knowledge to surpass all ways of thinking…

I slumber flanked by love letters amidst satin sheets, delicately

lined in crimson rose petals. Sunlight whispers through an unfasten

window, beneath the ledge of azure heaven. Time heals, seconds to

a forgotten smile, is preservation to an endangered existence.

I toss, and turn, in my dreams of my confusion. All I can feel

is the moisture which seeps out of the softness of crimson petals,

which seem to be enthralling my soul.

Visions of a new day fall short of hopeful desire.

As I tussle my way through memories, we have walked thru ~

hand in hand, is it enough for me to tightly embrace? Hushed

dreams replace reality, my mind drifts;

Hope floats on a blemished soul…


Copyright Cashmereheart ~ Dani Thornton-Stock

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