Do you Radiate Beauty?

We inhabit this thing called life, but if the truth be told do we live this life, making a difference in someone’s heart, body and soul? Or are we running a steady race with our pulse, just to continue to exist? Why do loving gestures, a gentle spirit, and kindness seem to be somewhat a thing of the past? Is it due to our desires or a world that is in such moral decay? These are questions I wonder about.

 If I were to depart this earth tonight, as I slip between satin sheets, have I left an eternal mark with those whom embrace a private place in my heart? Which they may hold on to, during the darkest emotion anguish they will endure?  When those long-standing tapes start to unwind themselves and the motion picture begins within their thoughts, with No intermission” what will they remember “? Was I able to unfasten my arms, my heart, so full of love, grace and tenderness wide enough, as to shelter them through the storms they will encompass, just as an eagle’s wing span, carries him through the air that we breathe.

I must leave silhouettes of my heart everywhere; my love will shine bright, illuminating their soul, as intensely as a blaze over takes a barren mountain side. When they close their eyes and breathe, they will feel me, I will taste the tears which cloud their vision, and I will comfort them within gentle touch, like that of a newborn feeling the flesh of its mother the first moment of its existence.

May love, passion, gentleness, and kindness, be what you see when you look at the reflection in your mirror. There are no do over’s in this life. You can having everything, but be so poor, if love is not rooted and shared within your heart.

Call me passionate one, yes am. I believe every moment of everyday should radiate love…….

           Beauty starts from within.

©2010 Cashmereheart ~  Dani Thornton-Stock

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