From my lips to yours, Muah

To love this deeply, is a feeling I have everlastingly secluded, behind the shadows of my heart. For the first time love walks in, and my heart could no longer linger within arctic shadows of fear.

To not love you, in the way that my heart, my mind and my body feels, is a tragic to my well-being. I cannot concede any other way. I don’t know how to love you any other way.

To not love you this intensely, would be to liken it, to piercing a sword through my heart. It would penetrate, yet I would feel nothing, I am without sensation on the inside and if you could turn me inside out there would only be remnants of a shattered love.

God finally allowed me the feelings and the love I have been so “afraid ” of, and it hurts like hell at times, what was he thinking? I knew what I was doing before, I knew how to handle those feelings, this I have NO idea. It’s consuming my flesh.

Baby, I love you so much, you are my gift. Just as you haven’t experienced this type of never-ending love, neither have I. Your sweet love and who you are when you reach for my heart, it’s as if you dance in the richness of my raw emotions. As you my love, I’m drowning, just in a different way.

Baby, I only begin to love and feel complete when you walked into my life, my heart.

 Come for me; saturate my countenance with sweet kiss, move me slowly with your gentle touch, mesmerize me within a single word.

Until we are together again, and the sun shines on your sweet face, feel the warmth of my smile, the tenderness in my touch and my kiss all so demanding.

From my lips to yours,  muah


©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock



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