When is Love worth fighting for?


Why is it when someone you love hurts you emotionally, to the depths of pain you feel your heart may never recover. Their response! “You should be strong”, “big girls don’t cry”,” what, did someone die”? Do we need broken bones and bruises, evidence of a crime? Do not vile words of expression hit harder than a fist?  

This leads me to my next question, “When is Love worth Fighting For “? Why not give a little more PASSION and a little less PRIDE? How do you love someone, but in return their desire to manipulate, control and change who you are? We position our heart before them, stripped of all we possess, a naked vessel, only to shiver in the confines of their anger. Transparent, shocked at the horrible words that come against us through their lips, the same lips that should become drunk with our kiss. Our heart lies bleeding within our soul. You can’t conceive that this person, who says they love you, could emit such anger as that of a nickel-plated tongue, a blade which illuminates hatred and cruelty. Solitary confinement becomes your punishment on a 24 hour clock. They think teaching you lessons become more important and significant, than two working toward becoming one. It appears to set a flame to all you had hoped for and it resembles ashes beneath your feet.  

As days pass, the mood has altered. He looks to you and notices how delicate you are, how childlike your spirit, the gentleness of your tone and the kindness you always wear as your outer coverings. He tells you he is sorry, that it was not premeditated, that you are the most wonderful woman he has ever met and that you are his entire life.  

Beauty lies in the heart of compassion. His days filled with laughter, her nights drenched with pain. When her heart can no longer endure, the heavens will part and angel tears will cloud her vision for a brief moment in time. She will become unconscious of the pain which resides within her soul.  She may rest on a makeshift bed of roses…….until the cycle of anger and vile words repeat itself. It is then her emotions will become stagnant and she wonders if the LOVE may not be worth fighting for? How many times can she feel as if fragments of her mind and heart are being trampled and scattered in the wind, leaving behind an empty vessel? How long can this last, before there is nothing left?   

As for you I’d love to hear what you are feeling, how this cycle of anger and love has or would affect your mind, body and soul. Is there uncontrollable crying, do you lash out in anger, do you blame yourself, withdraw in fear? Perhaps simply retreat where your emotions are hidden within the deepest corners of your heart?  

For anyone who can identify with this, my heart goes out to you, for you are not alone. Find a safe place in your mind and retreat there, protecting your heart. I feel every tear you have shed, for I too have done the same. You deserve so much more, you ARE a beautiful person. Stop the cycle, confide in a dear friend, open the doors to the life you have longed for and so richly deserve.  

Remember the first step is the hardest. Baby steps my friend, baby steps.  XoXo




Affectionately yours,  

                        Copyright 2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart  





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