He loves ME, he loves ME not


Do you ever hold that delicate flower in your palm and time and time again; The LOVES ME NOT is always the last petal standing? Why does the hurt spoken from someone’s lips you cherish seem to equate with not being loved? Why do we lay awake at night, tossing and turning with the feelings of despair hovering over our existence? For some reason the words your lover says to you in the heat of battle, hangs on as if life or death was before you. The “DOUBLE EDGED SWORD of LOVE “I said it before; Loving intimately can be best described as the passionate depth of enchantment or saddening affliction. When you love intimately and unconditionally to the depths, your heart could ever imagine your heart becomes an inferno which ignites the passion within and when your heart experiences love that deeply, it can also wound us in a profound way in which our hearts may never recover from.

To love this deeply is a feeling some of us have FOREVER protected behind the chamber walls of our heart. For the first time LOVE walks in, it feels so right and our hearts can no longer linger within the harsh shadows of fear. To not LOVE in the way our heart, mind and body feels would be a tragic to our being, you can’t concede any other way. Not permitted to saturate their mind, body and soul with love you feel would be like piercing that sword through your own heart, it would penetrate, yet you would feel nothing. You’d become numb and if you could turn yourself inside out, you would only resemble remnants of a shattered lonely heart.

Pain and pleasure both reside in those precious flower petals. When we witness the LOVES ME NOT, it’s like our body dripping with raw exposed emotions, which now have become our outer garments. It’s then we lower our eyes and pray, for if one brief second God would allow our lover to see our heart, our love and feelings we desire for them, they surely would render on bended knee and weep uncontrollably, for this type of LOVE they are not familiar with. If somehow, someday, they would stop and take the time to listen to the silence, then maybe just maybe they could visually witness our heart, and they would by no means ever be the same, and then that last petal would always in the palm of your hand, reflect

HE LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

Affectionately yours,

 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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