Unlock my Heart



In our somber unsmiling hours the tide swiftly turns. For an

unspoken second our feet are concealed beneath cool sand…

In the time it takes for us to seal our eyes, furthermore breathe

in, we are swept away, losing ground, misplaced, frightened,

unknowing, we symbolize a profile in the midst of moist haze.

Too afraid to unlock our eyes, not certain of where we will end

up, or if we thus far endure. For if we lose hope, we willingly

submerge, lost in a mysterious current.

Not knowing of what the future holds, likens a violent sea.

If we journey out in faith, we continue to exist. Will we be able

to keep our heads above water? Can our faith surpass all of our

depths of despair? Is our kindness misguided for weakness, and

work against us?

Do two hearts, sincerely dovetail? If truth be told, do you

absorb my sadness, and have sense of hearing my heart?

If I face thee horizon, do you notice what I become aware of?

If we listen to the wind blow quietly across our appearance, can

you sense what I feel? If I affect your heart, penetrate your soul,

do we love eternally?

Through all unspoken expressions of our mind, do we make it

in this world simultaneously, or has our lives been so battered and

bruised with heartache and sorrowfulness, we can only imagine

what it might be reminiscent of?

That the fairy tale existence is everlasting, only in our hearts,

brief moments in our dreams and in the calmness of our thoughts.

Affectionately yours, Forever Cashmereheart

©Copyright Dani Thornton-Stock

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