Invisibly Shaken

When I speak, do you sense the pain which

 emits from my

heart…? The tears that I shed have become a

 downpour of

sorrow, alternating between pain and

 destruction, absorbed

within the soul, of a vanished love.

Memories may no longer inhabit this

 wretched mind. As I lay

withered upon the entrance, of my heart, I

 am too frail to notice

these broken pieces that are piercing my

 flesh, are my hearts

desires, broken saturated in bewilderment.

My curls fall delicately, feathers descending

 from angel’s heaven.

And is one with a tear streaked

 countenance, in which divulges

affliction, depicting a faceless child…. I no

 longer bare the strength

to elevate my remnants, for I am drenched

 in my hearts pain…

Scarlet waters cloud my image; sweet

 sacrifice now speaks of

a crimson stained body. The heart that loves

 me, chances upon

pleasure in demolish acts of selflessness.

And this soul can’t concede misery, which

 has vacated her

mind to the depths of despair.

Shades of red, she has obsessed with fire and

 passion, now

resembles pangs of guilt. Remnants well

worn in love, now frayed,

tainted in bloodshed, a remembrance

 detailing a defeated heart.


Copyright Dani Thornton-Stock

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