Irresistible Emotion




Your kisses are like none other, I have ever

encountered. With each sighting of your


 face, I seem to fall deep within

your charm. I see your reflection

 unfathomable within

my hearts windowpane.

Embers now burn bright; smoldering has

now come to a halt.

As I draw near to you, watching you taste

 our flesh ~ lavished in sweet nectar,

it is so sensual to me,

I see in your mind’s eye of who

I am…I intake of breath…I’m hushed…

My mind drifts, almost as we have

become transparent, leaving nothing

to the naked eye ~ illuminating silhouettes

dancing against an undressed wall.

Ravishing…. In my alluring lily-white body,

 holding me taut….

Kissing me until the morning light,

over takes the nightfall

which surrounds us.

Love me from beginning to end,

sift through my wounds

~ wipe my tears which cloud my

vision ~ of an everlasting

love that will by no means neither expire

 nor abandon this girl.

For my heart feels wretchedness ~

a love keeps secret, waiting

for a chance to unleash all of these

 shackled up emotions.

As our hearts gather, take pleasure in

 my thoughts, hear them

echo, a gentle reminder of

 the love ~ I feel for you.

Never lose the passion which commences

as of honeyed lips.

Kiss me my love, caress my breast tenderly,

engulfing my flesh.

I need perfect touch commencing velvet

hands. Let ecstasy

carry us away to a forbidden affair which

 few only fantasize…

Longing and waiting for you to shelter my

 soul, breathe life

into my heart, forever wrapping me up in

 your strapping arms

stealing kisses from moisten lips, blanketing

 my body until the time without end.

I vow to love you my darling,

Until stars are long forgotten…


Copyright   ©Dani Thornton-Stock



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