Perpetual Love


          Life’s challenges come to us, when we least expect them. The force that it carries is like the fury of the wind, which destroys unfathomable roots ~ set forth in established soil. 

Now and again, we end up scattered, a small amount of us left to linger. Like the core of an apple discarded on a desolate highway. If we lie down the seeds of righteousness ~ look to the
heavens, we will produce riches on an eternal vine. Just like an apple seed which brings forth fruit in any given surroundings.

To look beyond the horizon, is stepping in faith and faith is an unyielding passage to follow….   

To keep our sight within the keeper of the stars is a full time affair of the soul. Our minds become weary ~ the direction we need to follow is distorted. Hold on fast to your faith, like a blind man clings to his cane ~ your broken spirit will follow….The seeds that you sow will create life, right before your somnolent eyes.

Hearts that are held captive lie dormant, behind bare essentials of a lost soul need to rest in tranquility. Placing their hope in the affectionate hands of God,

It cannot be seen with a naked eye, but sensed with the heart, with a perpetual love of an extraordinary fashion… 


Copyright Dani Thornton-Stock 












One Response to “Perpetual Love”

  1. It? s the first time I have heard that in Macedonia, obits are an unusual observe. You have wonderfully written the post. I have liked your way of writing this. Thanks for sharing this.

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