Fragments of Beauty


To hurt, beyond the deepest pain, that is afflicted by the

proceedings of another. I roam a hectic thoroughfare, only to feel

the isolation, which has taken legal action over my mindset.

I feel that a hole has been pulverized throughout my soul. My

heart is traumatized ~ my body without sensation. Can I chance

upon myself, to find the internal potency; I necessitate elevating

my body, from bended knee?


Taste the tears, which plummet from my heart like rainfall.

Encase my soul with your hand filled with love, before I mislay it

at the foundation of an unoccupied vessel. The sorrowfulness

that has paralyzed my thoughts leaves me weeping in a shadowy

sterile highway.


To love this deeply yet again is something, I must abandon. To

open ones heart for the first time, was better left untouched. To

trust and confide in another’s soul, is the core of self doubt…

I must envelope my heart, tightly sealed ~ delivered, with a

stamp return to sender behind walls of respect, for my heart, body

and soul. My eyes have become weary, my body unconscious ~

my vision mystified. I suffer the hurt and abandonment that exist

in this girl; it’s far more than she can endure.

So, if I am reluctant to awake, be acquainted with, that I will

forever love you. I have felt with you like no other and your love

has shattered the walls that have been suspended in time.

But the pain that engulfs this girl has imprisoned her soul. The

life sentence she has been born with is a cell that warrants her

thoughts. And the crime that is recorded in her heart is the love

she has never deserved.


©Dani Thornton-Stock


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