( Love af-fair )


Sitting here basking in the warm winter sun, a soft breeze blowing across my countenance.  I listen to the quietness of my thoughts, my mind still running a steady pace with my heart. I breathe taking in all that surrounds me. The wind rustles high through the North Georgia Pines as they softly sway beneath the richness of heavens sun.

My mind lost in thoughts about the word “LOVE AFFAIR” what does old Mr. Webster have to say about this word? 

(Love af- fair)  A Sexual or romantic relationship between people who are not married to on another or who do not live together in a permanent relationship.

Now my mind entertains much more profound thoughts.  When we have an intense liking for someone, there are no boundaries; you become consumed by this person.  Your every thought, every desire revolves around them. You have an out pouring of love which immerses them beyond their wildest imagination.  They are intoxicating; you need them like a junkie needs their next fix.  You see them, feel them and long for them every minute of everyday and without their touch, their voice, you feel you will not endure another passing hour.  Age 16, becomes your magical number, passion and desire becomes your outer garments.

An hour waiting by the phone may feel like days; you sit on the verge of your seat like a child waiting for their prize, waiting for them to walk through that door. They shower you with love, affection, emotions, kindness, they hold you, comfort you and rock you like a baby, protecting your heart, respecting your emotions.  Nothing in this world gains your attention, like watching every movement they make.  They confide in you their secrets, they look at you and long for your scalding touch, nights of pleasure never cease, your bodies intertwine leaving impressing on fine lines sheets.  You smile at them while they sleep and brush back the hair that has obscured your vision, for they radiant beauty and perfection.

We feel we can’t conceive our existence without them, so we take the next step. Then we allow this Love Affair to completely terminate! Why do we saturate this person and then take it away?  The Love becomes stagnate, we become lazy and what had consumed our hearts is now taken for granted, forgotten and now this person resembles those destructive words “pride and selfishness “.

A love affair, passion, an endless longing keeps that fire burning, little things stokes that flame and melts our internal combustion.  We breathe life into each other, we take on each other emotions, and the world seems to appear absent and most of all we are on a high, we absolutely come alive, we see life though the wrong end of a telescope and we could careless what anyone thinks!  We are one; there is no beginning and end, we have become transparent, wrapping ourselves up in crimes of passion.

I cry for and desire for that Love Affair, to last until the stars no longer shine. I want to gaze at him 20, 30, 40 years and still feel that rush pulsating through my body. Remembering with each passing hour, our love for one another and undeniable passion will always and forever be our outer garments, stitch in tenderness and hemmed with romance!  When he reaches for me, I’m 16 all over again and the flood gates open and no matter how many years have passed, our bodies have changed, our face take on life’s experiences, that my mind, body and soul still feels and thrives with the same love and passion that had captivated me so long ago.

Time should not alter true love. That flame should only become stronger and more intense, that life’s circumstances only permits that flame to spread wild, rekindling all that lives within you.

Affectionately yours,

            Copyright Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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