Extinguish that flame? Oh ! Hell ! No !


I was reading today a few LOVE LETTERS sent between my lover, my friend, my prince, and I. I’d have to say there has to be several hundred. The feelings between us, we were totally out of our minds in love. Some make me smile, others my eyes fill with tears and even more I just sit in amazement! What sweet memories. I felt that rush all over again and reminds me, we should NEVER allow our love and passion to FADE away and your pages become a naked canvas. I’d like to share one of them.

To my sweet precious man,

I can not believe where our conversations come from, one more day, and so many emotions. It just amazes me. I fall deeper into you each time we speak. You are such an incredible man, and I am so blessed to have you love me. I try to tell you, I just can’t find the words to describe how precious you are to me. Wow, yes another Wow!

A man of your feelings, tenderness, compassion, kindness, gentleness, (I’m taking a deep breath now) I thank God for a man like you. Sometimes when I think of all that you are, my chest aches, for the emotions rise so high. I need you so badly in my life; you have taken my heart to a level I have never known before. The very moment I kiss your lips and wrap my arms around you will be electrifying.

Honey, will you bring a fire extinguisher with you?

Oh my tender love, to hold you in my arms, touch your skin, kiss your sweet face, love you, will complete who I am as a woman. And I am so thankful you bring out the woman in me. Baby you’ve got what it takes to light my fire.

I’m sending you kisses my prince, they were there waiting for you when you got up today. My heart beats as one with yours, close your eyes; feel my touch, as my hands glides over your beautiful body. I just touched you, did you feel it?

Have a beautiful day; let me know if you get your envelope today, it has my calling card in it. For you and only you, not a day will pass, that we won’t thank God for our love for one another.

More to come forever………….. Oh Passionate One

His response:

Dear Baby Girl,

I sit here right now in a state of mind-blowing numbness, as if I was just standing there and suddenly watched you crash right into me .I`ve been hit! I wasn`t knocked down like what should have happened, NO not at all, stunned, I stand there looking around for you but you are not there, and then as if like out of a movie I had once seen, like being hit by lightning I realize that you are inside of me. Day after day I live with you there and I can feel you growing more and more, infecting my body like a wildfire spreading out of control. Extinguish that flame? Oh ! Hell ! No ! . It has been said that it is better to burn out than to fade away, I`m burning Dani baby, you are now the flame that burns within me , extinguisher not required . My baby, I am so out of my mind in LOVE for you, can you tell? I hope your day is a great one.

Sir Hugs-alot

Affectionately yours, XoXo

             Copyright 2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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