Undeniable Pleasure



Beauty lies within the heart of compassion. Your days filled with laughter, your nights drenched in pain.

When your heart cannot endure anymore, heavens clouds will part and angel’s tears will obscure your vision ~ for a brief moment in time, you will become unconscious and feel no pain which hides deep within your soul.

It is then you may rest, on a makeshift bed of roses. You and I will be together in thought, you will feel my sweltering passion and you will indulge in my undeniable pleasure, as my mind tiptoes across your sweet lips. My love for you will blanket  your tarnished soul and breathe life into your limbs, yet I will only resemble an elegant silhouette.

Sleep my darling, allowing my canvas of love, to follow your dreams like the intense desert summer sun. Thirst  no more, for my love has satisfied your desire.

Scatter my kisses to the wind, this is all I have left to give. For the Ink of My Blood no longer lives within the walls of your heart.


             Copyright 2010 Dan i Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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