Scalding Touch


As he walks past me, I can hear his heart beat, like reminiscing

of a long forgotten song. I freeze; this moment is to be

transcended ~ somewhere in time, a sheer moment of hopeful

desires in paradise.


As the warm gentle breeze encircles my existence, I tussle off

the spell of secret pleasurable passion. His soft brown eyes, gaze

in to mine, like a golden pendulum which takes in the chimes, on

the stroke of midnight hour.


I know that I am melting from the inside out ~ at the threshold

of his fascination, which will illuminate my heart…

Like a beacon in the murky shadows, of a tumultuous sea,

which spotlight’s misplaced and disenchanted souls, which

become empty vessels, leaving nothing to chance.


As my hands effortlessly attain his, it’s reminiscent of a heart

united in pure passion. In whereabouts reveals two unclothed bodies, that arbor

themselves in a plan of hopelessness despair. For the time being

will only mimic pain.


For their paths no longer collide, for both must fade away into

the arms of a compelled lover…


Affectionately yours, Xo

                   Copyright  2010 Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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