Forthcoming of Velvet Touch


As stars fall from heavens edge, I sense forthcoming of velvet touch, for I am one with you, untied within dreams. As your hands gently takes hold of mine, do I know you? Can you save me from all that frightens this baby girl?

Does your voice reminisce that of angels conversing with my soul?   Do I love you? And guard my heart from pain, a double-edged tongue has punished my heart and said for I am not worthy.

Does my passion ride on waves of valor; stand a chance within a wounded girl. Do I fall upon unsullied covering and allow my broken heart to mend within gentle touch, or do I lie with fever and die? 

For I am confused by a love I know naught of and it scares me. The one I am so familiar with hurts me beyond the deepest pain afflicted by another. So to follow my heart is to fall within a gentle arm of compassion.

And I must fall into another, in order to live, the passion which has always consumed my soul.


Affectionately yours,


                      Copyright  Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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