Unbutton Passion, Remind me to Breathe!


My feelings pertaining to love visually displays “my  cup runneth over “.

For the first time in my life I LOVE deeply, more profoundly and a unconditional LOVE for the man in my life. For so many years, too many to count I’ve held back loving, he wasn’t getting all of me, for if I did the pain would be so great to witness I couldn’t possibly survive. The pain of loss, sadness, conflicts, my endless list, I would surely depart this world. My best friend teased me and nick named me “the black widow “she meant this in a nice way, her reasoning they fell in love and I didn’t. My heart was so guarded; the wall I built for myself was a replica of the Great Wall of China. Don’t misunderstand I cared, I loved; just not to the capacity I was capable. Before you judge, haven’t we all fallen in this web?

So, what I feared the most those years, waltzed into my life when I least expected it. For the past 2 years, I have loved with such an undying love, that I feel the color passion, a secret sizzle, velvet kisses, run through my veins, as if my Black Stallion just finished the race of his life and won the million dollar purse. My mind revolves around that one thought of LOVE, with each passing moment.

I now have felt the pain of too much tenderness and wounded by my own understanding of LOVE, yes, the overflowing emotions given to another. Maybe the male gender doesn’t need it or understand it, I’m not sure, but it seems so far from the truth, look at the GREAT male poets in our lifetime.

I’ve tasted it; like an addict has just taken their first fix. I have witnessed such a wonderful feeling, I am totally addicted. So loving any different now would be an injustice to my heart. In the past I was able to live with my way of loving, it became all too easy to guard my heart, scribble on the walls that surround my heart go ahead, but you will never penetrate through their thickness.

This unbutton passion, becoming totally transparent, showing the nakedness of my soul, loving and giving until it oozes out of my pores, use to be so foreign to my heart, but today I understand and at times this kind of love hurts like hell!

So if I ever say, I can’t love like this anymore, the pain is too great, cover my naked lips and remind this kind of love blankets my heart and is intoxicating to my soul and remind me to breathe!

Affectionately yours,

            Copyright   Dani Thornton Stock ~ Cashmereheart

http://www.cashmereheart.com    cashmereheart@aol.com



There is no remedy for love but to love more~ Thoreau



5 Responses to “Unbutton Passion, Remind me to Breathe!”

  1. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

  2. Jennifer Larrow Says:

    Dani, I have no words grand enough to explain how much I love your talent! Never stop writing, never stop loving and remember to breathe!!

    Your newest Fan & Friend,
    Jennifer Larrow

    • Jen, Thank you so much. My mind and heart have so much to say and at times their are not enough words in the English language to express myself. When you love so deeply the pain you endure at times we become speechless, that’s why I say LOVE the Double Edged Sword.


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