Untouchable and well-worn

 Have you EVER experienced genuine LOVE?  Is this kind of Love seldom seen by two?

This love that devours your every attention, that solitary being in which you’re thoughts and your absolute existence revolves around every movement of their soul.  Does your emotions railroad as the crow flies to your heart, a round trip ticket which relentlessly proceeds, there is no getting off this machine. This out of control LOVE train collides into you, yet you are aware of no anguish, just an overwhelming feeling that nestles unfathomable within your body?

 Do you gaze at them and feel delicate; do your insides sense a pleasant emotion, a responsive feeling, as they walk past you, as he or she mentions your name, gently brushes your countenance?

 Do you come vibrant and feel eternally 16 again?

 Do you cry uncontrollably with each harsh word spoken between you in the heat of the moment, like it has become a death right before you?

Do you witness the foundations of their soul?

Does their kiss penetrate your heart?

Do you lie beneath their smile?

Does the two becoming one, merge you into with no return ticket to fulfillment?

Do they embrace you within loving arms and you weep wordlessly, you’re out of harm’s way?

Do you feel that without them, you would surly depart this world?

In your existence in front of you, will this true love take hold of you through your moments in time; does it become your addiction when its time to bring to a close? Does the book of life, hold your memories privately or are your pages unoccupied?

Love is so important to our being, yet most chose to reside within the negative, harshness, lack of significance. Why is the world’s ugliness, moral decay acceptable?

 That Fairy Tale LOVE is scorned upon and non-essential, when really in your closing stages, this is all you’ll have to draw upon, and is what truthfully nourished your soul, reflected peacefulness within your heart and your thoughts saturate you in immense ambiance.

I am told, I reside in a Fairy Tale Love, and I am swollen with pride to affirm to this, a magnificent emotion, it is untouchable and well-worn.

Affectionately yours,  XO

©Dani Thornton- Stock ~ Cashmereheart

3 Responses to “Untouchable and well-worn”

  1. This love you speak of is found in perfect form. His name is Jesus. And in Him, no accusation of fairy tale will stand.

    by His Grace.

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