Mesmerize me with Scalding touch!


Love cast a multiple of shadows. Hearts begin to flourish with

each clandestine passionate kiss, which sedates ones soul, the

intoxication brings forth, residue inflicting your heart.


As, I trace the fine lines on your sun barren face, flirting with

your senses. I sense your awareness, as you embrace the

forthcoming of my sensual touch, the absolute depth of my



As, I gaze into your sultry eyes, my heart reveals the flood gates

to my internal soul. Love lies bleeding; our bodies saturate

themselves, in an unleashing of pristine passion.

This engulfs us commencing below, wrapping us up in vines,

bound by love. In the time it takes to breathe, I am suspended in

heaven alone.


Lay private your eyes, mesmerize me with scalding touch.

Your touch consumes my flesh, like the barren sun as illuminated

your bronzed firmness.


For I have no place to take refuge. I thirst ~ neurotic kiss ~ my

body immersing itself in your unmentionables ~ the fascination

of your charm, my insatiable appetite becomes intoxicating to


      Copyright  Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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