His broken heart……

There was a time in my life when the nightmare of reality was at its worst. And that was when I had to open my eyes after an almost sleepless night. Now , as busy as my days are with constant audits , I dread the stillness of idle moments. Because no matter the chaos that surrounds me , it’s the still moments when my eyes drop , and I remember the past , both good and bad. It still feels like it happened yesterday. At least in my case , the time apart has not healed a single wound. All it does is deepen the loss. I hate the thought of you having to endure what you are feeling. I hate that all of this damage that hurts us each day , could have been fixed so easily. But what really steals my breath , and starts the tears , is knowing in the same way that you just know there is a higher power , knowing … that all of it could be so easily corrected. That despite the time and distance , the anger and the foolish pride , that it wouldn’t take more than one quiet moment to right all of the wrongs. That is what truly haunts me now. Who ever said that ” A moment in time ” had to be from a time behind you ? It could be that stubborness and pride are the true emotions that stand in between two hearts. Wouldn’t that be the biggest tragedy of all ? That …. is what always fills my mind. One day , here , or in heaven , we will hold each other again. I hate the fact that I have to wait that long. Miss You , as always…

a letter from a broken heart……

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