Her Obsession of LOVE


Visions of loveliness, dance across the essence of your

misplaced smile, translucent pink blossoms falling from emeralds

heaven, blinded by diamonds, which soar high in a naked

sky…Walking in jaded footsteps is an indication of her soul

ridden in sorrow.

Pain and pleasure, both reside in this torched heart, of as

innocent girl. Silently she dreams, for a love that will enthrall her

spirit. Foolishly she weeps, for that obsession of love ~ knows

naught of this existence…

To love her, is to seize her on angels wings, dusted in

passionate splendor. Embrace her vanquished heart, caressing it

with the optimum of delicate scent, which flows from your

passionate kiss and embossed your lips at the threshold of her

yielding breast.

Hearts fuse on the verge of discharge, love saturates the soul,

leaving nothing to be desired. Naked bodies lie intimately, at the

pedestal of a forbidden affair. Embarrassed to endure such

ecstasy, her hands shiver, at the sweet touch of your unclothed


The nectar which flows like superb wine, which seeps from your lips,

she drinks of until she’s drunken in lust. In the midst of it all, passion ignites,

 flames that raged between you, will not relinquish.

Her untainted dressing gown falls softly to the ground, like

cinders hovering elegantly in an ominous sky. Is this all, she has

dreamed of? That passion and pleasure, is courage to reach

within, the confines of her soul, that she will always be passionate


At the right entry to her heart, forever within her thoughts,

mesmerized through selfless touch. To look inside one’s soul, and

give of your self, is truly a compelling love.


©Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

2 Responses to “Her Obsession of LOVE”

  1. .Recognize and express the Divine love and pure creative energy from Creation .which flows through your Being as you let go of frustration confusion doubt .and indecision. .When you disconnect from this Breath of Life you move into .expressions and rhythms of disharmony in response to fear judgment and failing .to love and honor yourself and others.

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