Tempest Unleashed


Is this my beloved poet ~ Thou shall live in thy heart for eternity.

My love, come hither mount on to your flaxen stallion ~

rescue your love from the forces of her secluded settings…

Embrace me tenderly in your stalwart arms, which bind your

sleeves form the strain of perfection.


Kiss scarlet lips passionately, so all who witnesses shall render

that true love truly exists. Our hearts will flutter, like angels wings

descending upon our youth.


Passion erupts ~ the sound of love flourishes with in our

hearts. My lip which is one with you trembles at the warmth of

your rugged hands, as your fingers emboss the silhouette of our



Bodies intertwined, passion flows like vintage wine, which

seeps in, heavenly fine.


You have captured my imagination, fear and doubt to be cast

out, hiding memories under a threshold of fear, never to be found

out. Your intense gaze prolongs the stripping of my garments,

lined in pleasurable passion.


Faded passion a forgotten friend all fused together and in your

hand, for you hold the magic wand, the keeper of my soul.


You have pierced my heart and true love will begin to unfold.

Fantasies beyond untamed imaginations render it secluded within

your dreams of enchantment.

          Copyright  Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

3 Responses to “Tempest Unleashed”

  1. everydaylifestyles Says:

    Excellent post thanks for sharing this. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Reading poems is something I truly enjoy. It’s very relaxing and soothing.

    Raining Purple Rain – Haiku Poem

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