Inconsolable Heart


I elapse time, waiting for you to draw closer, as bittersweet

waters brim over beneath translucent heaven. I commit to

memory your kiss as I count seconds flanked by your smile.

I touch your face by means of my cleverness, resembling a

spirit, mysteriously taunting my heart.


For I am illicit as to you, yielding winds drift corner to corner,

gathering mind-set, captivating my imagination, and descending

into twilight’s exquisiteness.


Leaves transform, seasons expire, beneath visions of passion,

slumbering with in my heart, frozen in pools ice-covered,

 creating  self-doubt.


I have waited for you long-lasting my love, my soul swells on

verge of uncertainty. Do you not lend ear to my whispers?

Are cool waters which refresh your palate, mimic a forlorn

stance, enlightening your heart, reminding you of pleasurable

desires in which you have seized within tightened palm, seduced

by means of momentary glimpse?


Tears descend, commencing inconsolable eyes, a shallow

dusting against her lily-white countenance, vanishing evidence

from the time when, touch left residue from a forlorn love.


© Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart

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