Hopeless Romantic


Sir Hugsalot,


Do you know what that vision, emotion  you have been searching for? Have you ever found anything close to that one place  you speak of ?  I haven’t, but I know it is somewhere.


I have been tired of being strong  for a long long time. I would have to agree my mind is quite strong also, but  see a fragile side on the inside, that few ever see.  


In your tone tonight, I see a very different you, a strong  yet kind soul, one who needs to rest  a while, one who maybe has been hurt, has given love ,only for it not to be returned .


Maybe you are like myself, strong on the outside, but the inside is crying out for a  passionate lover, one that will enthrall the spirit. intense passion, kisses which linger, endless nights of pleasure, a touch which commences from velvet hands, finding a lost treasure, a  person which posses the key to your heart, wiping absent all sadness.




Sweet dreams, Oceans of love and a kiss on every wave.
   Hopeless Romantic



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