Cherished “A Mothers Heart”

A mother by no means fails to remember. She deprives her

heart, liquidates her spirit, to be all that she can for her children.

She becomes only a reflection of who they are.   


She is a pillar in her community, the salt of the earth to her

friends; she is the light wherein by no means mislays luster.

A warrior ~ unwavering from beginning to end throughout

uncompromising interludes, with hushed tears ~ she illustrates

naught, worries secreted in the sanctuary of her awareness.


She welcomes without resistance by way of affectionate arms,

arms which hold spellbound, shield ~ forgive and forget.


She’s your best friend and your adversary. She wants the

optimum for you. She clutches on to your dreams, even when

you’ve let them vanish.


She cries for you when she knows your decisions confuse your

thoughts with childishness, and picks you up silently with her

heart as you plummet…


As you flourish and depart, her heart disintegrates into

insignificant pieces. Catch a glimpse of shattered windowpanes

lying on abandon footings…


How broken, useless ~ however beautiful. Look how the

sunshine paints a palette of colors, against anything in its

pathway. It glistens, reflects, and radiates warmth, and intensity.

Somehow, it mirrors a picture of another sort against a barren

wall, a tattered bench; a forgotten street. It is a replica of a

mother’s heart. Broken sometimes beyond mend, by means of

sadness, never losing the love and luster, she feels within for her



Her soul fragmented into countless pieces, memories are what

she clings toward. The glow which emits commencing outwardly

from her heart, for her children is all this mother desires, to begin

to put the pieces back, collectively yet again.

Furthermore, the circle of love resumes,

Her children will encounter a mother’s heart,

Shattered windowpanes will take on a pristine significance ~

for generations to treasure….

©Dani Thornton-Stock  

 ( Cashmereheart )


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