Nourish yourself in my love, no fork or spoon needed


My Darling, I get all mixed up inside, a woman a Child. 

So many emotions running, saturating the lining of my heart.  

 You have given me so much hope to carry on. I feel that when we finally do meet, I will become weak at the knees. My mind just overflows and overflows with thoughts of you.  

 You have become my friend, my lover, my prince, my soul mate, and the most important thoughts in my mind. And there is no other place I would rather be.  

I look to the heavens and shout out to God, thank you so very much, for his timing is perfect. Broken hearts, broken dreams, both losing hope submerged, lost in a mysterious current. And then, prayers answered, finally finding each other.  

I’ll absorb your heart like a never-ending flame, as you embrace me intimately. Hearts of embers red and gold, withstand a timeless hour glass, with no means of escape. 

 I love you, nourish yourself in my love. No fork or spoon needed. 


Muah, Cashmereheart




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